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Professional medical services provided by board certified medical physicians.  Seamless coordination of services by responsive and detail oriented team.  Rush services available upon request. Contact us for a fee schedule per service.

Attorney Conferences

Our team will work closely with each client to schedule attorney conferences for a thorough discussion of each case.  The utilization of subject matter experts brings industry skilled knowledge with clear and concise explanations.


Our team of physicians are professionally able to complete well-conducted depositions during the discovery phase of litigation.  Behind the scenes, our team of professionals will coordinate between offices and our physician panel to ensure your clients are well represented in the needed areas of expertise. 

Court Appearances

Our team of professionals will work closely with our clients to maximally support your legal position in the courtroom.  We have selected an experienced panel of consultants with the communication skills and expertise to defend your position should it need to go to trial. 

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Utilizing PMERR's Board Certified Physicians, licensed in the state of local jurisdiction, for your IME needs ensures quality and competency.  Our assessments and reports provide our clients with the details they need for each case.

Medical Record Reviews

Professional record reviews by a PMERR physician provides an informed expert opinion about the appropriateness of care, the causality of the injury and the medical necessity rendered in each case.  Utilizing our board-certified physicians who are in active practice, provides up to date expertise in every case reviewed. 

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